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to proceed to calendar number number 124, s. 1238, a bill to amend the higher education act of 1965, to extend the current reduced interest rate for undergraduate federal direct stafford loans for one year, to modify required distribution rules for pension plans and for other purposes, signed by 18 senators. t the presiding officer: by unanimous consent the mandatory quorum call has been waived. the question is, is it the sense of the senate that debate on the motion to proceed to s. 1238, a bill to amend the higher education act of 1965, to extend the current reduced interest rates for undergraduate federal direct stafford loans for one year, to modify required distribution rules for pension plans and for other purposes, shall be brought to a close. the yeas and nays are mandatory under the rule. the clerk will call the roll. vote: vote: the presiding officer: the majority leader. vote: the presiding officer: are there any senators wishing to vote or wishing to change their vote? on this vote, the yeas are 51, the nays are 49. 3/5 of the senators duly chosen and sworn not having vo
are here to make life easier for students who want to go to college, those who want to get an education, they want to find a job. instead, we see just the opposite, we see fighting internally instead of passing a solution. i urge them to act quickly. put students first and not washington politics. >> republicans are back and interest rates are being stopped from dublin. to make college more affordable for students across the country, including the students right behind me. the white house and senate democrats have let these students down. i think that they deserve better. it is time for the president to lead, it is time for him to bring the senate democrat leaders together and develop a solution. it is time for the senate and white house they are the biggest issues facing our country, jobs and the economy. everyone deserves a new normal is better wages. >> being very direct, the house has acted in the rates are being doubled. to deter? students across america. they want to have a fighting chance for future and we asked terry reed to take some action. do not stop this. america is looking
an effort to actually control for it. >> and -- [inaudible conversations] income level and education level. we know, for example, that lower income americans are less likely to use health care services, whether they have private or public coverage because they are left on average, they are left comfortable with the system,less able to navigate it. and providers seeking payment are less likely to locate in the places where they live to indict the medicaid program for the outcome seems to be a bit odd. >> i agree. when they are addressed, and the socioeconomic addressed and foreign, racial, and ethnic communities and rural communities and some of the reforms you cited in a different states are more widely adopted. i think we'll see those changes. we're seeing changes where those things are happening. they are making a difference in improved care for vulnerable patients for whom medicaid has been the lifeline. the affordable care act recognized we need to make medicaid a stronger safety net. along with safe changes, is already beginning to make a difference. the republican recommended reforms
was national defense education act alone. i can remember being at hillcrest high school. none of you know where hillcrest heights is, but this is my neighborhood where i live. 1957.mber, i was listening to my radio been a dodge. -- in a dodge. vehicleians have lost a they called sputnik, and it was circling the globe. america was shocked. america was shot that we were not first in space. and dwight eisenhower, the republican president of united states said we need to make sure our young people can get into school and stay in school, and we adopted the defense education act, and that is why it is called the defense education act. we have to make sure young people could get to school. i went to law school because i was working at the cia as a file clerk. six years. toas only taking 11 credits 12 credits, and i went to school between 8:00 to 2:00, and then going to work. the debate that is going on in washington today is about how we make college affordable and accessible to our best and brightest and make sure they do not graduate from school so they cannot go into public service, where they cann
. >> she has covered everything from breaking news to severe weather, even education reports and things going on in the community. she's been our education reporter involved with young leaders with students in the city. >> it's been a fun ride charley. and you know, it's exciting to be here and to tell you guys after ten years at this station i'm embarking on a new adventure adventure. i've accepted a position as public information officer with harford county. i want to take a moment to thank you for allowing me into your home each day and trusting me to tell your stories and mc and host your events. i've grown so much. i won my first emmy award here and recently learned i was selected for an naacp award. i want to thank the community for the love and support. i'm not from here but the community adopted me and made me feel very welcome from the start. and for that i'll always be grateful. it's been an honor and a pleasure to serve the baltimore area. i hope many of you will keep in touch. you can continue to follow me on facebook and on twitter sherri enews. it's been a fun ride. >> i w
charter school? wrecks get ready to look at a long waiting list. in tonight's educational or, why some baltimore families they wait longer than others in the state. >> he may be worried that it will mess with his swing. the best ditch at a baseball game this year. crossing theers bay in moving into the mountains to our west. we checked the forecast. right now, a live view from skycam shows cloudy skies. temperatures in the 80' >> in tonight's education alert, close to a million students are waiting to get into the nation's capital public tartar schools. that is according to a survey just out from the national alliance for public charter schools. it is a problem that hits home in maryland where more than 1000 two dancer on the waiting list. 2000 students are on the aiting list. >> there is not one great way to have a public school and the kids deserve many different options and families want that. so, at my school, three schools in northeast baltimore, we could open for more schools this fall based on our waitlist. >> three new maryland charter schools are set to open this fall. a goodw
and clear the path to one of the most important pathways to american prosperity, a college education. my, my, my, mr. speaker, can't we all work together to get this done? i yield my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlelady from indiana seek recognition? without objection, the gentlelady from indiana is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, when i go to the grocery store on saturday mornings, i talk to hoosier moms and dads concerned with hike prices at the pump and the checkout line. according to reports last month, gas prices in the five midwestern states ranked in the top nine states nationally with some folks in indiana motorists paying $4 per gallon. mrs. walorski: a constituent wrote to me on the fourth of july and said, he canceled his holiday plans because he needed to save money for a tank of gas. he wondered what is congress doing about it. how can we help hardworking americans keep more money in their wallets and pay less for gas and groceries? the house passed two bills to address high energy prices. to create more jobs and
the education, the skills and family structure and background. if you read robert putnam, these are the three major factors that determine social mobility. to compete in an increasingly meritocratic economic system, and they globalized economic system. effect of that is, republican shouldn't downplay this. we are not concerned about inequality. i think the traditional republican view is in a mobile, highly mobile system where people can go from the bottom to the top, inequality is a natural outcome of capitalism. in a situation where you can't move from the bottom to the top, inequality is a caste system. it's intimate a whole group of people generation after generation to not have the ability to compete in a free market. and that to me as a guide to what republicans need to be addressing. and my concern as i've already expressed, the 1980 republican economic message of low taxes and high growth doesn't address that. it doesn't even speak into those concerns. now, we need economic growth. right now it's anemic and you can't get social mobility in the absence of endemic economy. but you have t
something needs to be done to bring the borrowing costs for education back down, neither side can agree on just how to do that. tara mergener is on capitol hill with the story. >> reporter: congressmen walked out of the capitol from tear 4th of july -- from their 4th of july business with unfinished business. the interest rate on student loans doubled to 6.8% impacting about 7 million college students borrowing money this year. >> definitely not -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there's just one catch. >> i know they're not going to vote to simply extend this for current law for another six months. >> reporter: the battle over student loan interest rates pits house speaker john boehner against senate majority leader harry reid. >> the house has done its job. >> reporter: house republicans passed a bill that ties the student loan rate to the u.s. treasury borrowing costs includes 2.5%. as rates rise, so does the cost of education, up to a max of 8.5%. >> what they've done over there is worse for students than doing nothing at all. >> reporter: democratic senator joe manchin working with repu
to understand that the days of sewing buttons on shirts for $20 tohour are over and we need educate ourselves and get the jobs out there that are technologically driven. workdays -- piecework days are over. the misinformation out there. i don't know if it is ignorant or misinformation. but i think we need to stop and we need to open our doors. the majority of the immigrants who come here working very, very hard. tweeting ins julius -- i think the immigration reform needs to be passed because it's much needed. there are too many people entering the usa illegally. we hear this from paul -- the immigration issue has been mismanaged by both parties. laws have never been enforced fully. resident bush said it well. let's go to texas. shirley on the republican line. welcome, shirley. caller: yes, hello. i don't know how we can even have an intelligent conversation without bringing in mexico. they have played us for fools for years and years and years. passage tofree people from anywhere to gloss mexico as long as they are coming into the united states. but you go into mexico and get in trouble and s
for education statistics and the education of young children. of nuclear options. we'd like your opinion on this story. here are the numbers to call. democrats, 202-58 a-3880. republicans, 202-585-3881. independents, 202-585-3882. you can also find us on social media. send us a tweet, and we can share that on the air. or join the conversation on facebook by looking for c-span. you can also email us. t's journal the senate is at risk of nuclear option. deal to avert it is off. majority leader reid tells minority leader mcconnell after filibuster fight. they triggered the nuclear option against minority filibusters, setting up a dramatic tuesday showdown in which republicans either will have to accept seven of president obama's controversial appointments or watch as democrats change the rules and end filibusters of executive branch nominees. host: here are other headlines. the senate is at war over nominees, "the wall street we also see politico. harry reid slamming mitch mcconnell, ready for the nuclear option. here to tell us more and explain how we've gotten to this point i
violence in poverty is education. so we want to replace it with something else and we have a lack of qualified people for the jobs out there thousands of jobs. >> reporter: it has 150 single laptops that l-they will offer -- that had they will offer for for trained and they will also offer free computer training classes. skilled from everything from simple repair to security. allen is taking his training to college. >> i'm young, certified. the future awaits. >> reporter: young people need opportunities to make good choices about life. fewer choices means more temptations. by taking some guns off the streets, it's hopeful this will open doors. >> one thing is knowing how to operate them but knowing how to manufacture them, utilize them and take parts and utilize your knowledge on computers and making something positive out of it is really a good thing. >> reporter: now the computers for guns exchack -- exchange will be this saturday. the computers aren't brand-new but will run the latest programs. they're looking forward for young people to come forward and enroll in training to l
throughout the community. she's also exclusively our education reporter. she will be greatly messed. what do you remember? >> oh, my goodness. how time flies. i can't believe you're bringing that footage back. oh, my gosh. >> no one's ever going to see. we have it. if don't bring that back. it's been a good ride. it's been a long ride and after ten years at this station i'm embarking on a new adventure and challenge i've accepted a position as public information officer with hartford county government. i will miss you the viewers. i want to take a moment to thank for allowing me into your homes each day and trusting me to tellier your stories, i've grown so much here at abc2 news. i won my first emmy award and recently learned i was slicked for an naacp award. i'm not from here. but the community adopted me and made me feel very welcome from the start and for that i'll always be grateful. it's been an honor and a pleasure to serve the baltimore area and i hope many of you will keep in touch. continue to follow me on facebook and twitter. thank you so much for the fond memories and it's been
campaign looks to educate pedestrians about using crosswalks and crossing at the signals. >>> ip put wanted on projects happening in baltimore, harford and howard. the administration is asking for money for projects. they want to restructure the intersection at 22 and beards hill road. there is a public hearing tomorrow at 3:40 at the baltimore metropolitan council. >>> final parts to the national aquarium exhibit are put in place. last week we showed you the video, the sea turtle introduced by the black tip reef exhibit. the last of the sharks are going to be introduced and tomorrow, around 11:30, the exhibit will open to the public. >>> students in our area have found a fun way to beat the heat this summer. now that it's time to get out of school this is a great program, a national program called kids bowl free, sounds good. sherrie johnson shows us how the program is making a difference for students in our area. >> meagan, yes, that's right, kids bowl free serves more than 1 million children nationwide and locally 1500 kids participate. it's a way to keep them off the streets out of tro
for an education, hands-on training, internships and more. we want to spark their or imaginations. we want the give them skills to succeed in their career. we want to plant the seed that public service at a place like noaa could be part of their future. clearly, we need to help in the coming years and decades not just for day-to-day forecasting, but also we monitor and predict climate changes, another part of what noaa does. president obama emphasized climate change haas week in a major -- last week in a major speech. slowing the effects of climate change is crucial to insuring a bright, healthy future for the next generation. as the president said, we need an all-of-the-above approach to energy coupled with steady, responsible steps to cut carbon pollution. part of the solution is for both the public and the private sectors to continue developing breakthroughs in areas like clean energy. these breakthroughs will have an added benefit of helping us outcompete and outinnovate the rest of the world in the energy sector. we also need to do on-the-ground work to help communities as they confront the ef
. >> have a designate the driver for your boat just like a car. quickly, you have better education classes, is that right? >> correct, we offer classes through our online website. you can go to to take a course. also coast guard puts on an excellent education course and for some of those individuals who require or would like to have a more hands-on feel some classes are actually taught where you can go and participate in the class to get a better understanding of the rules on the water. >> we'll talk more about boating, on the occoquan later on in the show. this weekend sunny and mid 80s. this is a good gig this morning. let's go inside. amanda, the traffic here? different story on 95, the beltway, 270, everything else, how we rolling? >> that's right, even though it's clear on the water adam is we have things picking up on the roadways. we're starting to see moderate delays and an incident on 95 northbound, that's coming in from dale city. live shot on 201 coming through college park in and out of the silver spring area, things are looking beautiful there, just picking up a little bit on
of workers now -- which is a scary notion -- lack the education, the skills, and family structure and background -- if you read put in him, the three major factors that determine social mobility -- if you readputnam. to compete in increasingly meritocratic system and globalized system. the effect of that is -- but republican should not downplay this as though we are not concerned about any quality. i think the traditional republican view is, in a highly mobile system where people can go from the bottom to the top, inequality is a natural outcome of capitalism. in a situation where you can't move to the bottom to the top, inequality is a caste system. it is essentially condemning a group of people generation after generation to not have the ability to compete in a free market. that, to me, is exactly what republicans need to be addressing. my concern, as i already the 1980 republican economic message of low taxes and high growth does not address that. it does not even speak into those concerns. now, we need economic growth. right now it is anemic. you can't get social mobility in
of helping middle-income families enablese who aspire to their children to receive a higher education, which is essential to innovation in our country. and by the way, nothing brings more money to the treasury than investing in the education of the american people. so while i know they have some money concerns that they're going back and forth with in the senate too, remember, nothing, nothing you can come up with brings more money to the treasury than early childhood, k-12, higher education, postgraduate, a lifetime learning. if you want to reduce the deficit, investing in education. thank you very much. >> the house today approved a farm bill by a vote bill2126- 216-208. opposed theucus farm bill and launched a protest. here is that debate. >> further embellishments will result in a deduction of time from the yielding member. ther. speaker, i yield to gentleman from florida, mr. hastings for unanimous consent. >> i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks in very strong opposition to the farm bill and underlying bill because it takes the safety net away from american families.
departmentated for of education. that was the right of the senate. what is at stake here is not just a change in the rules. it is the way the rule is change. with 51means is that votes, any majority can do anything it wants on any day in the united states senate. it can change abortion rights. it can change civil rights. in change environmental laws. it can change labor laws. today, the house can do that. when it comes to the senate, we stop and think and consider it. after this, whoever has the majority can do whatever he wants on any day. that is a dangerous trend. it is a washington and jefferson and adams feared. it is one of the two greatest , therous to our democracy tyranny of the majority predicted in the character of the senate is encouraging the tyranny of the majority. if anyone has a deep understanding of history. this claim that somehow that theblicans are delaying -- number of cabinet positions that have been filibustered is zero. of subcabinet members is zero. the number of judges is to. -- 2. delay the washington post, president bush's nominees are being considered -- i mean p
and its educational programs are being reorganized, but despite all these problems the museum's top executive insists it's not in any financial trouble. >>> this is the bloodiest day in egypt in nearly two years. coming up dozens are dead in clashes between the egyptian military and supporters of the country's ousted president. >> also ahead get ready to see the washington monument like you have never seen it before. we've got a bit of a preview coming up for you. >> it's an unintended accident that leads to death in the soaring summer heat. up next safe kids shares three reminders you need >>> an 8-month-old infant in maryland and a 16-month-old toddler in virginia both died of heatstroke after being left in hot cars last week. it is an unimaginable tragedy, but it's something that can be prevented and somehow every year we find ourselves having this say tragic conversation, but this doesn't have -- same tragic conversation, but this doesn't have to happen to you or any children you know and love. tarica wheeler is here with safe kids and we're going to talk through some ways to pr
will try to talk fast. i went through 12 years of education in the catholic school. i am 80 years old. i understand a little bit about christianity. if you have faith, you will believe in god. when a priest would give us a lecture, he made me leave the room when he could not answer my questions. god, it iseve in your faith. no one has ever seen god are talked to god. possibly there was a jesus christ that walked the earth. this fellow here, this is god's word, god said this. you do not know nothing about that because there is no proven god. guest: i would disagree with him about whether or not god has revealed himself to exist. most of us bring our convictions to what it is we believe. gentleman had a bad experience in his religious schooling. comments could also be applied to the founding documents of the united states. we are endowed by our creator by certain rights. there are some things that come to us that we simply do not make up. something that exists around us. where did those things come from? i believe they came from god. we are standing together to say that they are not create
some money? >> plus, rebounding from the power of education. a high-school diploma more than 25 years in the making. >> the upper eastern shore. we will see what parts have to deal with thunder. right now, some sunshine over the inner harbor, where the [ female announcer ] at your local subway, summer flavors are served up fresh. like the delicious taste of the orchard chicken salad. you loved it, so we brought it back as a five dollar footlong, and now as a five dollar chopped salad too! diced white-meat chicken with sweet apples and tart cranberries. get it as a tasty sub, or as a refreshing salad loaded with the veggies you love. the orchard chicken salad. one big flavor. two real values. hurry in to your local subway today! subway. eat fresh. >> good afternoon. i am a rod daniels live in the newsroom. here is what is coming up at 6:00. civilians will get a day without pay for the next three months. how this will affect maryland employees and medical research projects, and violence coming of egypt, very difficult for egyptian americans right here in baltimore to deal with. we will
. to learn more about maryland charter log onto our website, and click on education alert. live in the 11 newsroom, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. the murder trial of the man accused of killing 13 people in fort hood, texas began today. >> also, the attempted alleged kidnapping in ohio this weekend. how the incident was foiled at a midwestern amusement arc. >> and why you may want to log on before filling up. >> covering the nation tonight, in ohio and is facing gun and drug the session charges, but lawmakers say that broadening christian should the facing grisham shouldey be facing charges of kidnapping. a father says that he tried to pick up his son and put his sunglasses on the child. prosecutors confirm that those sunglasses had a camera and the lens. the boy's cousin foiled his attempt to abduct the child. wrecks and jury selection in the murder trial of the army psychiatrist accused of opening fire at war could nearly four years ago. ofor nidal hasan is accused going on the rampage that killed 13 and injured nearly three dozen others. the trial is expected to l
school, grade school education, and, again, trying to get out and see the world, you know, these ambitions that are stirredded by the sights of the entire war period for women in particular, and trying to find her way, and what she does is find her way to a nazi newspaper office, and she's working as a typist there because she has clerical skills, and she meets her husband there, a real rabble-rowser, a street fighter, he's showing off scars and bruises to her, and she's enchapterred by that, by his brutality, and he's in the fs, and so he got a rising career, was part of the elites, and she attaches herself to him, and that's from the marriage application, the marriage application file. their marriage had to be approved by the furyk. >> host: because? >> they had to pass a racial examination, invasive examination of the women, to pass the test of their racial, not only their ancestries back to the 18th century, but the bilogical features. that's the front shot. the rest of the application has a profile and whole body image of her. her husband is eventually made the comman
to the training is designed is taking you from absolutely no experience or education and any sort of disaster response and bringing you up to an area where at least you can be self-sufficient in an disaster. >> john, what's the status of your patient? is he conscious? >> they can take this training anywhere they go on vacation or their church or place of business. they can use this training. >> that training kicked in when certificate volunteer drove up on an accident. >> you go in prepare mode -- >> she didn't hesitating control. >> i was able to assist and make sure the victims were okay and then to try to direct traffic so that none of the other people would get hurt you know or another accident would happen. >> knowing what to do gives her an invaluable tool. >> it gives you the ability to trust in your instincts. >> it will allow you the knowledge and confidence to do what you can. >> because when you're waiting for rescuers to get there someone's life maybe in your hands. >> it takes one to help one you know. we have to help each other. >> it's a good way to help your community and get
of education, up to a max of 8.5%. >> what they've done over there is worse than doing nothing at all. >> reporter: senator joe manchin working with republicans has propose add similar plan with one key difference. -- proposed a similar plan with one key difference. it won't use the nation's savings to pay down the debt. >> profits should not be made on the backs of students trying to go to school. >> reporter: majority leader reid says he will not introduce any bill that ties student loan rates to the market. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> white house says it doesn't favor one proposal over the other. it says congress needs to come up with a fix sooner than later. >>> investigators reveal new information against a former top n.f.l. player charged with murder. >> and a beloved member of the nationals zoo -- national zoo is back in his pen. are you ashamed, rusty? more coming up. >> it is 6:39. wusa9 and dc jobs are trying to get you hired. the virginia spine institute is looking to hire a full-time physician's assistant and no experience is required. for more information l
to the u.s. treasury borrowing cost plus 2.5%. as rates rise so does the cost of education, up to a max of 8.5%. >> what they've done is nothing at all. >> joe mansion working with republicans has proposed a similar plan with one key difference. it won't use the savings to pay down the nation's debt. >> this bipartisan group all agree profits should not be made on students trying to go to school. that's a big difference. >> majority leader reed said he will not introduce any bill that ties student loan rates to the market. >> the white house doesn't favor one proposal just said congress needs to come up with a fix sooner rather than later. >>> new details this morning about the crash of asiana airlines jet in san francisco. vic carter said the ntsb has questioned the pilots. >> good morning. investigators reveal new detaile botched landing that ripped an airplane apart with 300 people on board. the ntsb says it's still too soon to know why it happened. >> asiana flight 214 smashed into the seawall first with its landing gear then tail. two flight attendants were ejected from the back as
the museum has laid off workers and has reorganized educational program and trying to create new fundraising. >>> the governor outlines transportation plans for aplansa county that is ripe for developments. why the projects could lead to o hundreds of new jobs. >>> why street cars are one step closer to becoming a reality in d.c. >>> council membersmembs cracking down a crimes, the steps being taken to protect th elderly from financial abuse. o >>> an economic boost to prince george's county, not only willy, it lead n to more jobs t will he any of us that commute beth be peaker has the details. >> reporter: this is not far nt from the metro station, as can you see, this is a tough place l for a pedestrian to cross the road. >> i don't think it's possible.s >> reporter: it's kind of hard. >> the governor says this problem and a number of others could be fixed with projects he announced today. >> it will make our roads safer and per for pedestrians, and also better to move traffic. >> reporter: maryland's governor o'malley announced a $50 million investment in for aa new acc
education affordability. >> loans and scholarships were my only option and taking out federal loans was the only way for me. i had to work to pay off the rest of my tuition. >> reporter: the student loan interest rate hike that went into effect july 1st expected to cost students $95 million. the effect could be crippling. >> it's going to affect 7 million students nationwide and 105,000 students here in maryland. >> i know the burden and the impact that has on families. your ability to take care of your children, to buy a home, to contribute to the economy are impacted by having a huge student loan debt. >> reporter: for miss brooks it means adding to what's become nearly $20,000 of debt. >> we're considering not going to school at all because we're afraid of having these loans to payback. and how that's going to affect me after school. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, zachary kiesch, news 4. >>> in news for your health part of kais emp smpkaiser permanentn in largo maryland will become the largest facility in the mid-atlantic region. >>> a controversial deer hunt
the government got involved. education used to be affordable in this country until the government stop their nose in. every time they do, it does not work for its central planning work, we would have lost the cold war. we have to get the government out of everything. they are a bunch of worthless bureaucrats. we need to impeach barack obama. host: mike, houston, texas, democratic caller. i'm calling to speak out against big government. whynt to make sure everybody thinks they hate the institution so much. so many people out there are not alone. describe -- it does not represent -- i'm so upset at all these people. it is all about socialism and communism. people are renting about how government gets their nose and everything. government has not had the opportunity to develop a transparent system for any thing that was supported by the population. decadesrnment in a few has done what all of the small government fanatics who have no idea what they are talking about and have not been able to do in generations. people need to stop taking on obama even though he is completely ineffectual. they have to
, again with an educational focus as well as standing ready to answer their questions. >> [indiscernible] they will have to be able to first check the capital cap-- calculations of the bank's numbers and then the examiners will figure out what lies behind the ratios that resulted from the capital calculations and then determine what condition the bank may be in by virtue of the ratios. the ratios might bear no resemblance to what appears to be occurring in the bank, or the ratios could be masking emerging problems, and examiners will need to understand what the emerging problems might be. in short, examiners need to synthesize the capital calculations into their determinations of safety and soundness and financial stability. for this reason, examiners have to figure out how to pierce the complexity that is more suited to economists and modelers. however much risk weights and capital ratios can add, the information that they yield will never be perfect. as precise as these capital weights become, examiners will still make decisions with limited certainty about the outcomes. at the end of
in this country once his education ended. thanks to the demise of doma, he's able to apply for a green card and someday in florida with his husband julian. julian and tray are here with us today to share their story and their struggles. gentlemen, congratulations and welcome to "viewpoint." >> thank you john. we appreciate your inviting us on the show. >> thank you john. >> john: pleasure to you have both. where were you guys when you heard the ruling and what was your reaction? were you on the supreme court steps? >> no. we were at the gym. i was on the treadmill. i was watching cnn. oops, on my little cell phone. and as soon as it was announced i on solutely jumped up and screamed yea and everybody looked at me like what's going on. i ran over to tray and pulled him off his machine and we were joyous. i don't think anybody knew why but we knew. >> john: in most gyms, pulling someone off a machine is looked down upon. you knew that tray would be able to stay in the country as a legally recognized spouse. >> that's right. and just a week before, we had been thinking about well, if we have t
negotiations with prince george's county's new schools ceo. the board of education is holding an emergency meeting tonight at 7:00 in upper marlboro. dr. kevin maxwell was named the school's ceo last friday. he worked for prince george's county for 22 years before becoming superintendent for anna rundle county schools. >>> today the d.c. council will consider emergency legislation to move next year's primary election from april to june. the democratic primary will likely decide who will become d.c. mayor. but the winner will not take office until january 1, 2015. council chairman phil mendelssohn argues that without the change, nine months would be too long for lame-duck leaders to remain in office. the original bill did not make it out of committee. >>> weather and traffic, we turn to storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegle. most people walking up in the 70-degree neighborhood. >> absolutely. not much in the way of sunshine now. in fact, throughout the day today, you can see, though, pretty sunrise it's making for this morning. red skies there with our reston camera. tyson's off in the d
that walgreens and blue cross blue shield will help educate people about the law. the administration's worried about all that because so few people understand the law. many don't like it as well. a recent kaiser poll said only 19% thought they would be better off under the law, and a fox poll found people oppose it by a margin of 55-40%. so they've got a long way to go, and they know it. jenna? jenna: jim, the house is having a hearing today challenging the president's authority to delay the employer mandate which was part of the law, and now we know they have that delay until 2015. what is that all about? >> reporter: well, that's right. even though republicans would like to repeal the entire law, they're questioning whether the president has the power to implement the parts he wants or that don't cause him political problems until after the elections in 2014. now, the chairman of one house committee says the delay in the employer mandate sent a clear message. listen. >> while the white house continues to suggest obamacare will be ready on october 1, the stunning delay of the employer mandate
is not making the investment in higher education. so, you know, tuition goes up because the federal government is not providing money, you know, for repairing schools, for research at universities. so, you know, we need to make an investment in education otherwise the college tuition will continue to go up and then the student loan crisis becomes even more of a crisis. we're not doing that. >> we're not, even in the student loan conversation, we're not even talking about if you've seen in the past couple of weeks hbcus and sort of how the changes in the loan program has affected the students going to historically black colleges. typically have been able to afford and qualify for those loans and now not even qualifying for that. that is putting undue harm on the colleges and universities that were able to accept these students in the past. we need a fundamental change overall. >> bigger issues. but we're stuck on the 6.8 versus the 3.4. >>> courts weighed in on gay marriage and now it's congress' turn, maybe. that's next. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns
who donated their bodies to science. science research, education, and kind of the -- some of the more unusual places they ended up. people are familiar with anatomy. classes and dissection, but there's a lot of other things that dead people have gotten up to over the years that are quite fascinating. one of them is that surgeons will use cadavers to practice on, and to learn techniques or to refresh themselves and to practice -- to basically -- you don't want to practice on a live person. so the dead are useful for practicing, and the place i went was a seminar for facial and reconstructive surgeons, and they were practicing some techniques on heads, and people think, why didn't they have the whole body? the thing is, with cadaver research, you don't want to waste usable tissue, so you would -- the head would be in liaison instructive surgery lab, the arm might be in a test of a power window to make sure that the -- somebody's hand were in it, it's not going to cause an injury. the legs might be -- anyway, you can be in five places at once as a research cadaver. which i think is kind
, and the controversy over the delay for the employer mandate is heating up. so the race is on now to try to educate folks across america about how the so-called affordable care act actually works. supporters pulling out all the stops and shelling out millions and millions of dollars for major ad blitzes. those include everything from flying airplanes towing banners across beaches to branding coffee cups all in an effort to reel in young and healthy americans, the group that won't weigh down the system with high medical bills. but opponents of the health care overhaul bill also making their voices heard, pouring big bucks into television attack ads. joining us now to try to help make sense of all of this, jamie weinstein, the senior editor at "the daily caller." so if the president has said this is going to to make things better for all americans, people should be just jumping up to embrace obamacare, why is that not apparently happening? why do they need the ad push? >> well, there's two types of ads here. one type of ad is trying to promote obamacare generally and say how great it is because the p
students from china planning to attend an educational church camp in california. their parents along with the parents of other students who survived, left shanghai monday headed to the u.s. to be with their children. a dozen of those classmates met net with the chinese consul general. many still undecide whether to return home or attend the camp without their two lost friends. for "cbs this morning," anna werner, san francisco. >> and there are new questions coming out of washington this morning on how to handle the crisis in egypt. the country's interim president has announced plans to hold new elections in about six months. but that's doing little to calm the fears the country is descending into chaos. yesterday was the deadliest day since mohamed morsi was ousted. john dickerson is with us. good morning. you see the white house walking a fine line on this. you have lawmakers saying we should end this massive aid we give to egypt. what is the white house take on this? >> you see the white house not calling the coup. but when you have the military removing the
. what is it? >> it's an organization that educates hispanics -- we know they want the american dream, but there is a system called free enterprise that allows them to access that dream. so we promote self-reliance, especially with this campaign that we're doing right now. we want to tell girls that there is a different alternative than julia, someone who needs government at every turn. so we're offering a all kinds of tips and advice on how to live and to celebrate women who are already living that life of earn success and independence, economic independence. >> gretchen: so if people don't remember back to the 2012 campaign, the president had this life of julia campaign. we just saw it up on the screen, where basically the argument was that when you see the child at the beginning all the way up until you're well past being an adult, that you would need the government to help you as a woman and you're now saying look, what we should really be telling young girls, hispanic or otherwise, is that we should be building self-importance and esteem from the inside and economic sustainabilit
is attending the birth is educated and supports the body and the woman, and her choices, it's a good experience. >> reporter: an experience a new mom or mum will never forget. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, london. >> laughing gas is interesting. here to talk about it, abc news senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton. let's talk about mid wives. not that common here. very common in britain. >> absolutely. they have much more access to mid wives there. we need more in this country. i actually had the privilege of raining with the largest group in new york city. i worked wide-by-side with them. but there's a lot of misconceptions about midwifes. obstetrician equals every intervention. and in reality, it's blended. mid wives do use epidurals and antibiotics. they can't actually perform the major surgery. >> and kate's going to have two ob-gyns, right? >> yes. and i wasn't asked. >> and also, far fewer c-sections over in priso britai. why is that? >> we're not sure. they have fewer deliveries. and they use more mid wives and have a better approach. we do a lot of in
and those who have a good education and good job and those that don't having a hard time finding employment and a steady wage. that has to be the focus of congress and i think the president going forward and there are great efforts on the part of the white house and congress, but they need to double down and focus with a greater certainty about the things they want to do. >> still ahead -- >> this is all about the fed here. >> still ahead from james bond's nemesis to hannibal lector, actor mads mikkelsen describes some of the most intriguing roles including the one that captured the big prize at last year's cannes film festival. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. with the fidelity american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually... there's no annual fee and no limits on rewards. and with the fidelity cash management account debit card, you get reimbursed for all atm fees. is that it? oh, this guy, too. turn more of the money you spend into money you invest. it's everyday reinvesting for you
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